Inventory Management System

Track your inventory and sales, Optimized your business process, and reduce inefficiencies. Designed and developed specifically for you.

Tailored to you

We provide customizations to support your business processes and reports. We offer a wide range of system configuration setup. Such as retail, wholesale, multi-warehouse, concession, manufacturing and more.

Minimize Repetitive Work

We examine repetitive tasks and make solutions to minimize them. examples of these are enabling document printing to avoid rewriting by hand, typewriter or using different apps. Bulk uploading of data from excel. etc.

We'll Import your Items and Customers

Whether they're from Excel or existing system, we offer import service for your items, customers and other compatible data.

Customized Documents and Reports

We offer customizations to allow the app to generate documents from the data you've entered. Some sample documents that can be generated are Purchase Orders, Delivery Documents, Gate Passes, etc.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Use your existing PCs and Macs with just a web browser, you can access your inventory system anytime, anywhere.

Local Developer Support

If you need help with the app, simply contact us and we'll assist you right away.

Sample Screenshots


Pricing varies depending on the amount of development required. Annual service fees are also charged for the the warranty services, support services and cloud service usage.

Customers using our Inventory Systems